Multi-Pack: Small, Medium, Large

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This is our most popular item; you get our three most versatile sizes in one convenient package. This multi-pack includes 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large.

  • With this set you alone could save over 3000 plastic bags
  • your food will last longer; staying crisp, fresh and looking great 
  • Wrap cheese, half an avocado, lemon, a sandwich or leftover veggies. You can even wrap a half a melon; who wants to cut up the entire melon?
  • Your containers and bowls of various sizes can be covered too

1 Small: 8"x8”
1 Medium: 12"x12”
1 Large: 12"x15”

Z Wraps are reusableWash with cool water and mild soap. Leave it to air dry. And be sure not to wring it out.

Made in Massachusetts.

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Wrap for freshness. Wrap in style. Wrap to make a statement.

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