New! Bread and Cheese Designs

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Your breads and cheeses have never been as fresh as they’ll be in these new wraps, designed exclusively for wrapping bread and cheese. Take them to a party all wrapped up, give them as gifts, or dress your baguettes and hard cheeses beautifully in your own kitchen. 

Our bread and cheese designs are available in a variety of versatile sizes.

Cheese design available in:
Small: Take the rest of a block of cheddar, blue cheese or any other hard
cheese and wrap it up to enjoy later in our small cheese wrap. 8" x 8"

Medium: Wrap up a wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano, gouda, cheddar or any
other hard cheese in the medium cheese wrap. 12" x 12"

Bread design available in:
Large: Wrap a sourdough sandwich loaf, half a ciabatta or a smaller round loaf
in the large bread wrap. 12" x 15"

Extra-Large: Keep your longest baguette fresh or wrap two smaller loaves
together in our biggest bread wrap. 16" x 26"

Buy a pack and save! Bread and Cheese Pack contains 1 medium Cheese and 1 XL Bread


Z Wraps are reusableWash with cool water and mild soap. Leave it to air dry. And be sure not to wring it out.

Made in Massachusetts.

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Wrap for freshness. Wrap in style. Wrap to make a statement.

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