Eco-Friendly Food Storage

Making Sustainability Beautiful

Z Wraps, handmade in Massachusetts, offer a beautiful, easy to use alternative to single use plastic, and they keep your food fresher longer—win! They're soft, pliable, and stick down where you want them to—the first time. (Good Z Wrap!)

We're focused on offering you reusable plastic free options that are easy to choose and easy to stick with.

2 Smalls, 2 Medium and 1 Large

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Designed for freshness

Wrap or cover your leftovers in the refrigerator to keep them fresher, longer.

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Gift with a purpose

Focused on style, Z Wraps are great gifts to give year-round. Sustainability deserves to be beautiful and shared.

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Z Masks

Stay safe with the designs you love

We have teamed up with a handful of wonderful local makers. For $7 you'll be covered in style.

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